Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us…

“I was experiencing hoarseness in my voice which was progressively getting worse over a period of 9+ months.  My hoarseness was impacting my career as I was exerting a lot of energy when trying to speak; and as a result, my voice got worse throughout the day.  My first ENT doctor misdiagnosed my hoarseness issue.  I received a strong recommendation to visit Dr. Beaver.  Dr. Beaver was able to immediately diagnose my vocal cord issue and quickly scheduled my surgery.  After only a few weeks after surgery, my voice was noticeable better and is completely back to normal now.  My family and I are so thankful for Dr. Beaver’s care, experience, and professionalism.  I strongly recommend Dr. Beaver.


“Subsequent to your effective surgery, with my speech restored, I was able to perform in my own profession again as a consultant where the ability to verbally communicate ideas and results is a requirement. Each time I am able to enjoy the singing of a hymn at church on Sunday I will think of you. Thank you.”


“Without your help, I truly feel my voice would not have been ready for my recording session. Your treatment and help made such a huge difference. Many thanks!”


“You were our life line during those difficult days…you were so caring and did what was needed to return me to a good quality of life…my gratitude is overflowing for the normal life I am living….we are forever grateful and will continue to come see you no matter where we live.”