The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face; therefore, nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. Even minor changes in nasal shape can greatly improve one’s appearance. Altering the appearance of the nose may be something you have wanted to do for a long time. Whether you are dissatisfied with the nose you were born with or the way it has changed with aging or secondary to injury, Dr. Davis can help you. Dr. Davis’s training in head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic surgery will enable him to not only treat your cosmetic concerns but also to address your functional concerns, such as trouble breathing through the nose or chronic sinus infections.

Rhinoplasty surgery may be performed under general anesthesia or “twilight sleep” using local anesthesia and IV sedation. The majority of incisions are within the nose where they are invisible, but there may be a small incision in the area of skin separating the nostrils, where it is inconspicuous. The underlying structure of the nose is then recontoured by removing, adding to, or reshaping underlying bone and cartilage. The tip of the nose can be narrowed by sculpting the cartilage in this area. The angle of the nose with the upper lip can also be adjusted to provide a more youthful appearance. A splint will be in place on the nose for one week after surgery to reduce swelling and provide protection and stability. Patients usually take a week to recover from this surgery.